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Reggie Ray interview – Part Four

Dr. Ray describes an embodied meditation practice and its importance for rooting us to the earth and centering us in our own emotional life. Embodied meditation is the groundwork for complete acceptance and openness that leads to the discovery of joy and contentment within. Are we ready to awaken from our habits and numbness and experience the sacred beauty of our lives?

Reggie Ray interview – Part Three

Dr. Ray encourages us to have confidence that our life's ups and downs are all part of our journey of awakening. The spiritual practices of meditation and contemplation are what is necessary to develop this perspective on life. This video introduces the three stages of building a relationship with our own depths.

Reggie Ray interview – Part Two

Dr. Ray describes a mystical early childhood experience that became the impetus for a spiritual life. He describes how he met Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and surrendered to a journey to fulfill his deepest human longing in this very lifetime. Hear Ray describe how the practice of The Dark Retreat honors the individuality of each seeker's journey, while at the same time delivering realizations of universal value.

Reggie Ray interview – Part One

Dr. Reginald Ray discusses the Tibetan Esoteric Tantric tradition of Buddhism, and its affirmation of everyday life. He discusses his journey from depression through Jungian analysis with June Singer to meeting his spiritual guide, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Join him, and explore the "huge ocean of openness and stillness and sanity" that underlies the debris of our relative, confused lives.